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Our All Star Crew

We create innovative products that change lives

Robin B. Palmer – Serial Inventor, Founder, CEO
With licensed IP to Jimmy Fallon & Audible (Amazon), 100 hours of Patented Digital Content, Mp3s & 14 Apps – My Wake UP Call® Motivational Alarm Clock®, My Daily Inspirations & My Good Night Messages
Former longtime Broadway Star (as Robin Boudreau)
Daniel Price – CEO, Bread, Inc.
Connected IoT Prototyping, digital partner for IoT iterations
Dana Story – Manufacturing Partner
47 years as successful designer, engineer, manufacturer, distributor of multiple products
Ronnie Roy – Corporate Attorney
Partner, DME Law, LLP
ADVISORY BOARD John Milliken – Prototypes 1 & 2—Retired Delta Airlines pilot of 30 years, owns & restores classic cars
Dr. Neil Paton – Prototypes 3–5—MIT PhD, Space Shuttle build team, inventor with 30 patents for aerospace alloys
David Heroux – Director at  NFP Retirement, serial investor
Debra Poneman — Bestselling author, international speaker, Founder of Yes to Success Seminars, Inc.

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