For My Fellow Animal Lovers – Faith Charity Palmer

This has been such an exciting and joyous time for me. My new invention, FlyteBike Portable Pedals is successfully launching at

Immense joy crashed into heart wrenching grief this week. Faith Charity Palmer was one of the loves of my life – a 10-pound Maltese dog with a great smile and a happy heart. Faith was my constant companion for 12 years, except when I traveled internationally, and the time I stayed in Chicago for three days with a friend with a big, territorial cat.

Faith flew all over the US with me. She shared my airplane seat as I FlyteBiked my way around the country to attend meetings or events or visit family. Faith even attended the Consumer Electronics Show with me this year. There were 180,000 humans and my dog, Faith, at CES in Las Vegas for the week. She brightened faces and re-energized fatigued attendees all week long.

I am a true dog lover, and believe that most dogs are comfort dogs unless they were severely abused my inhumane humans. Like other dogs I’ve known, Faith could sense when someone needed a kiss or a snuggle, and would make sure to give them one.

Faith, like her human mom, especially appreciated meditation and running on the beach together. Once, after participating in a group meditation, the leader exclaimed, “Your dog was meditating with us! I have never experienced that before!”

Most dog lovers with dogs at home know that even spelling, “walk” or “treat” does not do the trick. Faith knew hundreds of human words. I know 3 dog words. Who’s smarter? 😊

Our vet discovered Faith had several liver tumors and removed 34 ounces of fluid from around her belly two Sundays ago. I researched and did everything I could find to help her to heal, along with the medicine prescribed by our vet.

I noticed Energy Medicine made a difference for Faith. We had a Pranic Healing session, which made her hungry (a real blessing.) I also improvised my own doggie version of Donna Eden’s 5-Minute Energy Routine on her twice a day, which Faith loved. She would lay on her back and just smile. I believe Energy Medicine was the reason Faith did not exhibit any pain.

On Sunday, Faith died in my arms in the car, on the way to a friend’s memorial celebration for her daughter. I miss Faith with my whole heart. I used to refer to Faith as an angel with fur. Now Faith is a real angel.

God bless your spirit, Faithy. I will forever love you, Robin

Broadway Star Turned FlyteBike Inventor Sings Memory from CATS While Pedaling

I starred in Broadway musicals before I became an inventor. Since I have been pedaling with my newest invention, FlyteBike – Portable Pedals​ in some very unusual places and circumstances, I thought I would challenge myself to sing “Memory” from “CATS” while FlyteBiking!

Before my life as an inventor,  I starred in Broadway musicals for years as Robin Boudreau, (my maiden name.) I sang “Memory” in “CATS,” played Linda Ronstadt’s sister in “The Pirates of Penzance” with Kevin Kline, & co-starred with David Cassidy in “Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.”  

People still ask me to sing “Memory” at parties and special events. Even Virgin CEO, Sir Richard Branson, asked me to sing “Memory” for the heads of Virgin Airlines at breakfast at his home on Necker Island, which was memorable!

Now licensed by Audible (Amazon), I first invented My Wake UP Call® Motivational Alarm Clock® Messages and My Good Night Messages™,100 hours of patented digital content with the Dalai Lama & other experts who bookend every day inspired to live your dreams instead of in a state of alarm or with “violent programming.” (Apps, Mp3s)

My newest invention, FlyteBike™ Portable Pedals, is the planet’s first truly portable pedals device. It’s 3 pounds, folds flat, and travels with you in its own shoulder bag, so you can pedal anywhere – at work, home, on the go – even while singing “Memory” from “CATS!”

Ironically, although I played the part of a cat in the Broadway musical, “CATS,”  I am a true dog lover off stage. To give dogs equal time in this video, Faith, my 13-year old Maltese dog, “volunteered” to sleep soundly through “Memory.” She even snoozed soundly through my very loud high notes. Although Faith is “my angel with fur,” she is definitely not a guard dog. 🙂

Here’s an exciting announcement for you! FlyteBike™ has launched! Be one of the first people on the planet to own a FlyteBike™ – at the best pricing!



Sentenced to a Life in “The Chair?” Happy Independence Day!

Sentenced to a Life in “The Chair?” Happy Independence Day!

* “I’m a working mom, fitting in a workout is a pipe dream.”
* “I’m dying to lose those last 5 pounds but can’t seem to make it happen.”
* “Sitting at work all day makes me sluggish & tired and it’s killing my back.”

Sound familiar? Hi! I’m Robin Palmer. I starred in Broadway musicals for 15 years as Robin Boudreau, and invented FlyteBike™ Portable Pedals because I needed to fit in my fitness – conveniently, easily and affordably.

I couldn’t stand just sitting there all day anymore. I read the research from The Mayo Clinic, Blue Zones Solutions, and Harvard Medical School that sitting for hours slows down your metabolism, mental acquity and energy levels. To top it off, all of their studies show that you lose 20 minutes of life expectancy for every hour you just sit there.

Necessity has always been the mother of my inventions. I created FlyteBike™- the planet’s first truly portable exercise pedals, because I needed it myself. Thankfully, FlyteBike is changing other people’s lives, too.

FlyteBike™ weighs 3 pounds, folds flat, and takes off with you in its own shoulder bag, just like sneakers. So you can feel well, burn calories and increase productivity right from your seat – at work, at home, when you travel – anytime, anywhere!

Check out the testimonial below from a successful business man. Dave says that FlyteBike has made him more productive and he “…feels 100 times better, like a new man!”

You can be one of the first people on the planet to own a FlyteBike™ – with the best pricing ever! Pre-order your FlyteBike™ for just $74, that’s 25% off the retail price of $97! Pre-order at or call us at +1 805-796-8201.

Thank you for helping us to change lives, one healthy human at a time!

To your health!

Robin Boudreau Palmer
Inventor, Founder/CEO
FlyteBike LLC.

FlyteBike™ is Patent Pending.

Be One of the First People to Own a FlyteBike – with Best Pricing

Thank you for your interest and support in launching FlyteBike™ Portable Pedals! I am more excited every day about everything that is unfolding. Our vision of improving the health of FlyteBikers in offices, homes, hotels, cruise ships, schools, physical therapy offices, cars, even planes, is closer than ever.

Be one of the first people on the planet to own a FlyteBike™ – with the best pricing!

FlyteBike™ weighs only 3 pounds, folds flat, & takes off with you in its own shoulder bag, just like sneakers.
Now you can fit in your fitness anywhere, anytime – at work, at home, on the go – even on long flights.

Order now with our FlyteBike™ Exclusive Pre-Sales Discount 
Place your order now to get a FlyteBike for only $74 instead of the retail price of $97!

Thank you for helping us to change the way we live, one healthy life at a time!

P.S. Please feel free to call any time with questions: (01) 805-796-8201

Broadway Star Turned Inventor Sings Her FlyteBike Song While Pedaling at Work

I wrote and sang this song while pedaling on a FlyteBike™ as an ode to my Broadway star days, before my life as an inventor.

Singing raises your endorphin levels, which boosts your mood and immune system while balancing your hormones. Exercising does the same, while increasing much needed blood flow to your brain and extremities. You think better, feel better, burn calories, and prevent blood clots.

So if you’re looking for a real mood, brain and productivity booster while burning calories at the office, just sing out while FlyteBiking at your desk. At the very least, you will win “Most Popular Employee” and put a smile on everyone’s face, which will exponentially raise endorphin levels at your workplace – a triple play in the game of life. Well played!

Please feel free to share. You could also start an office Pedal Choir:

Change Your Life with FlyteBike™
Do you sit for a living
Though sitting’s the new smoking
Gaining weight, while losing your mind
Take Flyte with us
Change your life with FlyteBike™

Why would you just sit there
When you can pedal from your chair
At work, home, anytime, or anywhere
Take Flyte with us
Change your life with FlyteBike

Don’t just sit there, pedal! FlyteBike™ is three pounds, fold flat, takes off with you in its shoulder bag, so you can fit in your fitness anywhere, anytime!

Sign up for updates and special offers with our upcoming Indiegogo campaign at

Thank you!
Robin Palmer, Inventor
FlyteBike Portable Pedals
Flyte Bike LLC.

Don’t Just Sit There. Pedal While You Work with FlyteBike – Anywhere, Anytime!

How do you feel when you just sit there at work all day?

I asked entrepreneur and singer, Alison Solis, how she felt when she sat at her desk working all day without FlyteBike. She shared that she felt like she was not using her time well, and knew what she was just sitting at her desk for too many hours every day.

Of course, I couldn’t wait to ask Alison how she feels now that she pedals while she works with FlyteBike Portable Pedals. She told us that she feels more productive, and feels that she is using her time more efficiently, especially since she can’t fit in a gym workout with her hectic schedule. With FlyteBike, Alison says she is more productive, burns calories and feels well while she works.

Sitting is the new smoking. The average American sits 9.3 hours every day and it’s literally killing you. According to studies from Blue Zones Solutions, The Mayo Clinic and Harvard Medical School, you lose 20 minutes of your life for every hour you just sit there. Not only that, you reduce your metabolism, blood flow to your brain and energy levels.

Why FlyteBike? FlyteBike folds flat, is 3 lbs., takes off anywhere with you in its shoulder bag, just like sneakers. FlyteBike IoT has a Smart Pedal with a tracking app, so you can track your progress and receive reductions in your health insurance premiums. Fit in your fitness anywhere, anytime – at work, at home, on the go, even on long flights. FlyteBike is a convenient, affordable, simple solution to staying active during your day, which really matters.

As a social entrepreneur and inventor, It makes my heart happy to hear other people sing FlyteBike’s praises. It’s a real relief to know that I am not the only one who feels better, appreciates burning calories and increasing blood flow to the brain at work.

We are launching our FlyteBike Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign on 8.1.17. Please sign up for FlyteBike special offers and updates at

Thank you!
Robin Palmer
Inventor, FlyteBike Portable Pedals

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