Burning Calories, Energizing & Feeling Great Wherever you Sit!

Portable pedals. Easy to use. Fitness anywhere anytime. Pedal, Fold, Go!

Here’s how you set up your FlyteBike in seconds!

Here’s how to use your stability strap so FlyteBike won’t go flying off without you!

On A Plane

Inventor Robin Palmer shows it’s easy to prevent deep vein thrombosis, by using FlyteBike™ while in her seat on a plane.

Pedaling on a Flight….In Coach!

You don’t need to be flying first or business class to use FlyteBike.  You can use it anywhere, even in coach!

Your FlyteBike folds flat in seconds so it can take off with you wherever you go.

Here’s how you pedal for the best results.

Here’s how you pedal with your arms

Long Car Rides

Pedal in the passenger seats on long car rides

On Long Flights

FlyteBike™ Inventor Burns Calories & Prevents Jet Lag on Southwest Airlines Flight


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